Ramey Dixon - Artist Biography

Ramey Dixon is a Californian artist with an Irish background. In his acrylic paintings, Ramey expresses how he feels and perceives the world. His past, from the worst of the worst to the best of the best, has not only built who he is today, but also shows in his work and how it finishes on the canvas. He also is always pushing the acrylic medium and looking for ways to grow as an artist. There are questions Ramey asks himself such as: Is his work unique and does it tell a story or describe how he felt? Is his scale most effective in his expression? Is it challenging enough for him? Does his excitement and passion carry over in his work? He asks himself these questions to constantly improve his work, techniques, ideas and passion in his paintings. Life for Ramey has not been turmoil free, but with faith and loving support he has overcome odds and found his way to contentment and self confidence, which also shows in his work. To paint and create is the most spiritual experience to Ramey. When he is creating the whole world goes away and he feels completely connected to the universe and understands his purpose. His dreams and goals are to continue to paint with passion and desire to create art for others to connect with. He wants to learn as much as possible about the art world and business. Finally, he also wants to hang his work in as many galleries as possible, open his own gallery and his greatest accomplishment would be to see his work on display in a museum one day.