The Judith Ann Collection is a small firm that is run by Judith Ann, and sells clothing, jewelry, handbags and other accessories.
The Retro/Punk Collection augments creator Judith Anns charming style.

The Collection blends hand drawn whimsical prints with silhouettes that are not only reminiscent of things past, but truly point the direction to fashions future with crystal clarity.
Judys newest venture is an online shop she created called The Judith Ann Collection (
The store is an online fashion boutique that encompasses various styles and accessories from the 1920s to present day.
The items are both sketched as well as handmade and are styled to show how even the most dated can be fabulous!
Judys inspiration for the shop is her desire for art, her experience in NYs fashion industry and her love of vintage and dress up.
All together, Judy was able to create a unique shopping experience geared toward retro fashion savvy young adults where the items are inexpensive, recycled and fashionable.

The Judith Ann Collection addresses the issue of the tragedy of commons where we are wasting too many materials and destroying our environment.
The Judith Ann Collection is very unique because it Recycles materials to make a completely new and original pieces, and what she makes is one of a kind.
The materials she uses are extremely sturdy and good quality. Judith Ann wants you to know That we are only hurting our selves and the planet when we create to much waste.
She is hopeful that her company can show other clothing companies the importance of recycling and creating clothing that is not just good for the consumer but good for mother earth too.